New Window Glass Replacement

Fogged and Cracked Glass Windows

The weather up here in the Rocky Mountains is especially harsh on windows. Sun combined with cold temps can break the dual-pane glass seal allowing moisture to enter and fog the views. When this happens the R-Value is lost causing for inefficient heat loss in the winter. Additionally, Low-E glass losses its efficiency to keep the heat out in the summer creating heat gain in rooms. Cracked glass also breaks the seal and has the same results.

Fogged and Insulated Glass

All our dual-pane units have a 10-year warranty against fogging. 

 Residential and commercial window glass replacement.

Reliable and professional service withSignature Quality installation.

CBG Specializes in Replacement of Fogged and Cracked Window Glass.

Replacing the glass is a cost-effective way to repair the window and reestablish efficiency. The window frame is re-glazed which saves costs of a purchasing a completely new window. Clean new dual-pane glass restores the beautiful views you once had.

No matter what size or type, custom made dual-pane insulated glass units are available for quick turnaround and installation. Low-E glass units, clear glass, tinted glass, tempered glass, archtop glass, trapezoids, triangles and all custom glass sizes.

All our dual-pane units have a 10-year warranty against fogging.

Window Restoration

Ice and snow can penetrate the window and cause the frame to waterlog. Wood window sills can be replaced and serviced restoring the integrity of the frame. Window stops that are damaged are replaced with new primed wood stops for air-tight fit. 

Window Restoration Progression

Clean new glass opens up the view and looks beautiful!

Fog Problems

Cracked Window Problems

Cracked window
Restoration of Windows
Hardware for Windows

*All photos are completed projects by CBG.